Below is a sampling of our candidate testimonials.

“I have worked steadily for CNHES for approximately seven months. During that time, I was placed in several very nice assignments. My representative, was very skilled at finding positions that worked well for both the employer and me. Any questions or concerns I had were always addressed promptly and fairly. Everyone at the agency is very pleasant and professional. They always did their best to make me feel comfortable and at ease with my assignments. I was seeking permanent placement and I am very pleased with the position I obtained through the agency. I would highly recommend CNHES, Inc. to anyone seeking employment.”

“While working for CNHES, I learned that hidden away in the Lakes Region are a number of companies that are seeking honest, hard workers who appreciate the pressures under which the business community must function today. The consultants at CNHES are proficient at fitting the right person for each job, a much-appreciated talent that builds confidence in both clients and employees. On a personal level, my temporary placements gave me the opportunity to explore my capacity to adapt to change, put old skills to use in new settings, and assess the culture of the company so that I could properly represent it while in that workplace. In so doing, I became more valuable to potential employers. I have a wonderful job thanks to my staffing coordinator who worked diligently to find a permanent position for me in an organization where I can grow.”

“My initial interview process was one week and within a week I had a job offer. I was very impressed with the turnaround time and I would highly recommend CNHES to anyone who is in search of employment.”